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Harrison Lending Group proudly offers mortgage loan products for active-duty military and veterans in Texas. 

A VA loan is a mortgage loan guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that is available to most U.S. service members. VA loans offer a loan guaranty benefit to help eligible veteran borrowers refinance or buy a home. VA loans do not require any monthly mortgage insurance included in the loan amount, and a veteran borrower could purchase a home without putting any money down.

Basic VA Home Loan Requirements

What can a VA loan be used to buy?: Primary residence home only.
Maximum Loan Amount: $510,400 for single family home in All Counties of Texas. *2020 limits.
Down Payment Requirement: 0% of the purchase price
Available Loan Terms: 5yr or 7yr ARM, 15 and 30 year fixed mortgage
Is Monthly Mortgage Insurance Required?: No. This is a great advantage of VA Loans.
Are there Property Eligibility Requirements: Yes. A home’s general condition is considered during a VA appraisal. VA Minimum Property Requirements or “MPR” are an important part of the VA loan process. One of our VA Loan Specialists can provide the current standards provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Income Eligibility Requirements: No minimum or maximum income limits but you are expected to have a stable, reliable income that can cover your monthly expenses, including the new mortgage payment. You will also be required to meet VA’s residual income requirements and Harrison Lending Group, NMLS 1625401 Team will handle checking this out for you. 
Maximum Debt to Income Ratio: Contact a VA Loan Specialist at 956-630-7346 for the most up-to-date information on the debt to income ratios.
Are Seller Paid Closing Costs allowed: Yes. For a VA Loan, the seller may pay up to 4% of the purchase price towards closing costs.
Are gift funds allowed?: Yes. For VA Loans, a borrower may receive unlimited gift funds for a primary residence purchase.

Advantages of a VA Home Loan

  • You can buy a home with no money down.

  • You can refinance for up to 100% of the value of your home.

  • You never have to pay PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

  • Sellers can pay your closing costs.

  • VA Loans are usually easier to qualify for because the Government insures the loan so that there is much less risk to the lender.

  • If you already have a VA Loan you might be eligible for a VA Streamline Refinance.

  • Disabled Veterans may qualify for a waiver of the Funding Fee if they receive any disability payments from the VA.

  • If you are active duty you may be able to live almost for free, because many times your allotted BAH can cover the mortgage payment. Therefore, you live almost for free while enjoying the tax benefits of home ownership.


Get Pre-Approved for a VA Mortgage Today

Harrison Lending Group specializes in VA loans.  We love helping to guide veterans through each step of the VA home loan process.  

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